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Remote Access
1 How can I access the library electronic resources from off-campus?
2 How to access the library electronic resources from hospitals?
3 Although I am connected to the library resources by a username and password and I changed the automatic Proxy configuration in the browser, I still cannot access the library’s electronic resources. Why?
4 Which databases are free and available to all?
5 How do I access Life Sciences H:\Classes from home?
6 How can I access my e-mail ?
7 If I have forgotten my password how can I access my e-mail(Post) and the library electronic resources?
8 What are the advantages of e-mail ?
9 How to forward e-mail?
10 How do I access electronic journals via the library homepage?
11 Why cannot I access some electronic journals although I have an automatic Proxy configuration in the browser?
12 How can I access electronic journals that require a password?
13 What is the purpose of the link “Printed Format” which is located next to some of the journal titles in the e-journals list?
14 Are there free electronic journals available to all?
15 Where can I find the full journal title if I have only the abbreviation?
16 Where can I find if a specific journal (printed or electronic) is in the library?
17 Where can I find information on journals in Israeli libraries?
18 How can I obtain journal articles that are unavailable in the library?
19 Is it possible to order copies of articles from journals that are available in the library collection?
20 How do I access electronic books from the library homepage?
21 How can I find if a book is available in the library?
22 Where can I find information on books in Israeli libraries?
23 How can I obtain a book that is unavailable in the library?
Circulation and Book Renewal
24 How do I renew books?
25 How can I request a book that is on loan?
Locating Bibliographic Information
26 How can I get help for locating scientific literature on a specific subject?
27 How can I import references from PubMed to RefWorks?
28 Where is it possible to find old "Yedionim" (Faculty catalogs) of all the faculties in Tel Aviv University?
29 How can I connect to the wireless network?
30 How can I print from a laptop?
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